Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Armand Vaillancourt not getting the love


Earlier this month over at Curbed San Francisco the took a poll of their readers for the Least Favorite Piece of Public Art in San Francisco. And "Quebec Libre" by Armand Vaillancourt (which is also on Bullit, a kick ass movie if their ever was one) came in second.

"Legs" at Embarcadero station. 473.400 votes
"Vaillancourt Fountain" at Justin Herman Plaza, aka "Quebec Libre." 409.275 votes
"Cupid's Span," along the Embarcadero. 211.650 votes
The United Nations Plaza Fountain. 103.275 votes
"Transcendence," aka "The Banker's Heart" at 555 California. 76.500 votes

(Don't ask me how you can get .275 of a vote, but all I did was multiply the percentages against 1,275. The number of votes. And then copy/pasted the results.)

Vaillancourt Fountain by klong35
Vaillancourt Fountain, a photo by klong35 on Flickr.
Via Flickr:
Québec libre ! is a concrete fountain sculpture by Quebecois artist Armand Vaillancourt, installed in the Embarcadero Center in 1971.

C'mon guys what gives? There's no need to be haters.