Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rupert Bottenberg makes it into the National Post


The Q+A hyping the Toronto Comic Arts Festival is here. Although you should really check out that's where the meat is.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

CultureTrack 2011


More statistics than you can shake a stick at! The Overview, The Report, The Research.

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Selling art at auction


Over at they have a pretty good really good article about selling art at auction, that while aimed at artists, is equally informative for collectors. The only thing that they miss is having a dealer (with deep pockets) who represents you at the auction to make sure that your work doesn't sell for less than it is worth.

Biennale Videos


Who would've thunk?!?

And why is the interview with Dave (oops! sorry) David Liss the shortest?

Monday, May 2, 2011

Jean-François Talbot, Alain Gaulin, Alan Dumouchel and Sylvie Dubuc, getting good press


Quebec's art crime team gets interviewed over at ARCA's Journal of Art Crime. Some of the better lines: "The number of investigations has increased since the creation of the team." Ummm, I thought the whole idea was to reduce the number of art crimes, not make them increase... And "To become an art crime investigator in Quebec, you must employed as a police officer. A background in art history or related field is desirable." Talk about stating the obvious!

You can read the entire interview here.

The Biennale de Montreal Press previews


They might want to consider hiring someone professional to do their PR and publicity...

The Art Newspaper - 213 Words and a photo of "Radicaux Libres", 2006, by Jean Dubois and Philippe Jean.

Canadian Art Magazine - 383 words and an artsy photo of Claude Gosselin and Dave oops! sorry David Liss.

The Montreal Gazette - 674 words and an ironic photo of John Bock.

La Presse - 874 words and a reproduction of a work by Keith Tyson.

Le Devoir - ??? words, it's behind a paywall.

L'Internation'ART in Roberval does it up right


First they get on TV (which they then subsequently post to the internet)

Then they get a highlight reel up as well...

I just might have to get myself up to Roberval...