About Zeke's Alternate Art #%^$#@!


Initially started as the blog for Zeke's Gallery in December 2003, Zeke's Alternate Art #%^$#@! is the continuation of Chris 'Zeke' Hand's involvement with Contemporary Canadian Art, more specifically, the Contemporary Québécois Art and Contemporary Montréal Art. Since September 2008, Chris 'Zeke' Hand has been commenting on the Contemporary Art in Montréal on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montréal and has used Zeke's Alternate Art #%^$#@! as the platform from which to podcast these commentaries.

Zeke's Alternate Art #%^$#@! has evolved. Currently there is at least one new podcast published every Monday morning at 8h (Montréal time) and as many posts as possible on or about Contemporary Art all other weekdays before 9h.

If you have any comments, suggestions, ideas or would just like to email Chris 'Zeke' Hand, click on this.