Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Extreme Painting? Hmmm...


Well it seems like someone is thinking. I like the concept and idea of 16 local galleries here in town organizing themselves to exhibit something kinda sorta cohesive (Gerhard Richter, Natalie Reis and Joseph Arthur aren't exactly three artists one would instantaneously think of grouping together, but I digress).

Galerie DivisionDave and Jenn, Kim Dorland, Andre Ethier, Martin Golland, Ufuk Gueray, Mathieu Lefevre, Erica Mendritzki and Allison Schulnik.

Galerie Roger Bellemare - Marcel Barbeau, Roger Bellemare, Mathieu Gaudet, Fernand Leduc, Gerhard Richter and Ben Vautier.

Galerie Donald BrownePaul Bureau.

Galerie Simon Blais – Serge Lemoyne.

Galerie Trois Points - Natalie Reis, Clint Griffin, James Olley, Scott Everingham and Cécile Ronc.

Galerie Lilian Rodriguez - François Simard, Sylvain Cousineau, Carlos Gorriarena and Louis-Philippe Côté.

Galerie Orange - Sophie Privé, Eveline Boulva, Pierre Durette, Alexis Lavoie, Jean-Benoit Pouliot, Martin Bureau, Ianick Raymond, Rafael Sottolichio, Francine Simonin and Denis Pellerin.

Galerie Dominique Bouffard - David Lafrance and David Arseneau. And then Sébastian Maltais and guest.

Galerie René Blouin - Kim Dorland, Wil Murray and Chris Kline.

Galerie D'Este - Jean-Pierre Ruel, Ángel Mateo Charris, Paul Bourgault, Drew Simpson and Costa Dvorezky.

Galerie PUSH - Patrick Lundeen.

Projex-Mtl Galerie - Mauricio Limón, Emilio Chapela-Perez, Yves Tessier, John Marok, Peter Schuyff and Sean Montgomery.

Parisian Laundry – “Summertime in Paris: Extreme Painting.”

Han ArtClaude Tousignant, Serge Lemoyne, Leopold Plotek, Dominic Couturier and Francois LeTourneux.

Galerie PangéeJoseph Arthur and then Jason Botkin and then Stephen Shellenberger and Jody Hargreaves.

And since I just added links to all the artists, it occurred to me that Canadian Art magazine might have their priorities in a different place, as their list only links to the art galleries. And, and Mr. Canadian Art, the artist's name is Jean-Benoit Pouliot, not Jean-Benoit Bouliot.