Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rémy Couture going to court tomorrow


Québec is fast becoming a less appealing place to live. After reading this, the only reason I can think of to stay is that it is worse elsewhere.

To back up a little, Rémy Couture, is a special effects artist for film. He made some films of his own. He got busted by the RCMP last year. His case is finally making it to trial tomorrow.

His ordeal has made it into the local French press (La Presse, Journal de Montreal, Journal de Québec, Le Devoir, Mario Dumont, and while I usually totally and completely disagree and dislike anything Richard Martineau does, this time I agree with him)

But where is the rest of the press? The Montreal Gazette? The Montreal Mirror? The Hour? CTV Montreal? CBC? Or do they think somehow that that a French artist being busted isn't worth the trouble to report?

If you want to read more try these on for size:
InnerDepravity, the website which got Rémy Couture busted.
The Facebook page supporting him.
The Rémy Couture website.
And documentingreality.com and neogaf.com forums

[Edit 20h: He was also on Christiane Charette this morning.]