Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Moshe Safdie at (and on) the National Gallery


Someone at the National Gallery needs to learn how to use YouTube better. They have posted 12 short videos of Moshe Safdie talking about the building. Twice. Because they have an English account called ngcmedia and a French account called mbacmedia. However the videos uploaded to the French account are in English. And they have no playlist, and because they have chosen to title them Tour of the National Gallery of Canada with Moshe Safdie and then specify which part of the building they are, at first glance it seems like they are all the same. Which could go a long way to explaining why they have all been viewed in the low two figures (that or someone over there forgot to send out the email, tweet and update their Facebook page).

I think they should hire me as their social media consultant. And if you're interested, the complete collection of videos are all below.

Tour of the National Gallery of Canada with Moshe Safdie "The Building"

"The Concourse"

"The Contemporary Gallery"

"The Cafeteria"

"The Garden Court"

"The Great Hall"

"The Light Shafts"

"The Port Holes"

"The Turquoise Wall"

"The Ventilation"

"The Water Court"

And what's with all the quotation marks?