Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Off the record, Vernissage Alert


A new section, upcoming vernissages that you might want to go to. For the blokes and Squareheads in the house, a vernissage is the Québecois synonym for an art opening. The word vernissage comes from varnishing. In the 18th century (or earlier) when most painting was done in oil. Once a painting was done, it needed to be varnished, but then as now, varnishing was an extremely boring and tedious job. So, according to the story that I heard, a painter would bribe his friends to help him varnish his paintings, by offering them wine.

A little bit of wine, some friends, some varnish and Voilà! Instant Party.

The First One:
Gaétan Bouchard's exhibit Simplement dans ma cour is opening on May 15 at 1756 St-Olivier in Trois-Rivières.

And the Second One:
« Fire » at Ecto (880 Roy E, 3rd floor) with Fabesko, Peter Gibson, Carole Guevin, Tanya Johnston, Élise Lafontaine, Jaber Lutfi, Frédérick Ouellet, Marie Sylvestre and Nathalie Trépanier on May 27 at 17h.