Friday, October 1, 2010

Stefan Zebrowski-Rubin on Rafael Lozano-Hemmer & Vida Simon


Man that's a mouthful; "Stefan Zebrowski-Rubin on Rafael Lozano-Hemmer," but I won't get into Quebec civil law here. However of all the artists in Montreal I'd be hard pressed to name one whose art I appreciate more than Mr. Lozano-Hemmer. Mr. Zebrowski-Rubin did a kick-ass interview with him on the Art21 blog last week.

And since I like being comprehensive, there's also Mr. Zebrowski-Rubin's post on Vida Simon (and artist I was previously unaware of). So if you're keeping score at home that makes five artists I knew of and three that I didn't in Mr. Zebrowski-Rubin's series on art in Montreal. 62.5% not bad if I can say so myself given how many artists there are here...